15 Reasons Why The Best Women Stay Single For Long!


Have you ever seen the best women always stay single for the longest? In a world where being coupled up or in a relationship seems like all the rage, the reality is that being single can actually be better. While it’s nice to have someone to love, cuddle, and support you when things get scary, there’s nothing more exciting and fulfilling than the relationship you have with yourself. There may be a lot of reasons to get married but the best women are the ones to stay single for the longest time compared to others.

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Here are 15 reasons why the best women stay single the longest. You just might realize you’re one of them.

1.You’re in a relationship with yourself, first!
You don’t need to commit yourself to anyone else as you have a happy and comfortable relationship with yourself.

Best women stay single

2.Your priorities don’t include being someone’s girlfriend or wife
Many women define themselves by being the girlfriend or wife of someone else. They allow themselves to be absorbed into the life of another until they’re no longer their own entity. But you, the woman who’s going to stay single the longest, doesn’t buy into that. You have an identity and that doesn’t involve being one part of a whole. You’re already whole and complete yourself.

Best women stay single

3.You like doing things according to you.
You like to do things like you like it. Come and go as you please, go to dinner when you want to, and sleep when you want to. You don’t need or want attachments that are going to interfere with your plans.

Best women stay single


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