Most Apt Reasons Why We Can’t Forget Our First Love.


We experience a lot of things the first time throughout our life like our first day at school/college, our first kiss, owning the first car or it can be anything. These first experiences are really special as we have never felt the same before. Similarly, the first love is always special and it is impossible to forget it.

Here are some of the reasons why we can’t forget our first Love.

1. First Love is Powerful

 First love


First love changes our life completely. We start loving nature and animals. It feels like we are the happiest person on this earth and we have got everything we wanted.  All these things make a permanent fixture of the person associated with the first love in your memory.

2. First Heartbreak is Powerful Too

 First love

The ending of the first relationship is really painful. Even if you move on, the pain still remains in your heart. Happy memories along with the pain of first heartbreak make it difficult to forget.

3. Innocence in that Love

 First love

There is innocence in the first relationship because it happens naturally and we are not trying to do it. Everything is true and organic which without any manipulations. 


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