How Differently Men And Women See A Other Woman’s Beauty? See This Amazing Comparison!


Men and Women are undoubtedly differently wired. The way a man sees a situation is always different from how a woman perceives the same. Guys are not the one who appreciate a woman’s body – woman themselves are a mighty admirer of other woman’s beauty.

When it comes to a woman’s beauty attributes, men may notice certain things while women might be concerned about some other features. Read about some of the drastic differences in their thought process below.

Clothing Style

Guys always appreciate the whole look in general but women are nitpickers – they like to access an outfit in detail.

Branded Outlook

Men are not that much into brands, they will appreciate a girl’s attire if it looks good on them. Women on the other hand are brand lovers. They like to know about the brand someone is wearing in detail.


Women know how much efforts it takes to look good and they appreciate a well suited up look but men on the other hand don’t understand how much work goes behind a certain look.

Price Details

Women will work on that tiniest of the wrinkle to flaunt a flawless skin, and while men appreciate the same, they surely don’t know about the cost involved in the same.


Of course, men like makeup on women but a woman will notice the minor details. Whether the foundation matches the skin tone, the eyeliner is put on beautifully, the lip liner contrasts with the lipstick – women will go through every single detail.


Most men are usually afraid of strong women. They have set idea of how women should behave, which is timid and naïve. Women on the other hand get inspired by strong characters.


Men notice the minor details – her blink, her laughter, her hair flip. Women on the other hand target different details – her posture, her stance, the way she walks, etc.

Body look

Men see a woman as a whole. They look at the final image a girl carries. Their attention is always drawn towards the parts they consider beautiful- face, chest, butt, etc. Woman on another hand won’t miss even the tiniest of flab. They will notice the double chin, the thigh fat, and the misshapen chest.


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