14 Things You Will Get If ‘Tea’ Is Your True Bae And You Love It


Tea is love! What will our world be without it?! It is the most amazing thing that our adulthood has introduced us to! If you also love it then you know what are we talking. Here are some amazing points you will love if it is your true bae!

1.You just can’t resist when you take the first sip “slurrrpp” and then just go “ahhaaa”!
bae love tea

Because this is how you can enjoy it! This is how it’s just done drinking it! It’s your love!

2.You can’t just start working until you have got your cup of it! Your mind doesn’t start working till then.bae love tea

3.You hate places that have 50 varieties of coffee and only 3 variety of tea!bae love tea


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