Russian Bloggers Creates Hilarious Parodies Of Celebrity Photos.


Admit it, once in a while you’ve always wanted to look like your favorite celebrity, haven’t you? And you’ve even tried out different looks to get that exact flawless looks that celebrities have. But, not many of us are able to nail them, but if you can’t look flawless you can at least look funny. Well, there is one blogger who has learned the art of creating hilarious parodies and you just can’t miss them!

Yuriy Isterika is a Russian Blogger who creates hilarious parodies of famous celebrity photos and they are just too good to be ignored!

1. You don’t need to be Royal to look, Royal, yes but you do need to make to with what you have so that you look exactly like her Royal Highness, love the gloves!
hilarious parodies

2. Honestly, I’m scared by the original photo, so somebody told Yuriy that he doesn’t really make parodies of young celebs, so here you go!
hilarious parodies
3. This is probably the easiest one to do, I mean, who needs much effort to look Mr. and Mrs. Grumpy?
hilarious parodies
4. Cauliflower is still technically a flower, yes you definitely look like the original one!
hilarious parodies
5. Lips are essentially one of the most impressive parts a woman has, and animal prints are back in trend again folks!

6. I have no freaking idea as to what she is carrying with her, but I can surely say that they look hilarious!

7. You seriously don’t need plastic surgery to get the perfect celebrity style lips, just use this simple and easy technique!

8. Don’t a hat and can’t go on a beach vacation? No worries just make do with the toilet seat and beer!

9. This is was the best one so far, I’m cracking up! This is freaking hilarious!

10. Next time before you order a Tiara online, make sure you check your house for spare cables, that will definitely come handy!

11. Dude, you’re definitely the master at making parodies!

12. If you can’t get hold of a hat like Jane Eyre, just make use of your chair!


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