Most Impressive Cosplays From Russian Starcon.


Starcon is the dream of all movie lovers, where you can be anything you want to be, and some cosplayers actually put their heart and soul into building up their costumes and the characters that you almost feel like they’ve come alive. This year’s Russian Starcon had some of the best cosplay display and here they are!

Here are some of the most impressive cosplays from Russian Starcon!

1. Oh well, if I encounter this at Starcon I’m gonna flip out and be scared to death!
russian starcon

2. I’ve got to tell you, he’s got the Starlord look really greatly done. I just wish Chris Pat underneath.
russian starcon
3. Thranduil looks really cute in that attire, who knew that he could play PS4 this well!
russian starcon
4. The plague doctor looks weirder than the original, but way to go I must say!
russian starcon
5. Mera from Aquaman looks so surreal and beautiful. How do you look so beautiful?
russian starcon
6. Bumblebee looks as cute as ever, I seriously miss Transformers. I wish they had the old cast.
russian starcon
7. Tyrael from Diablo looks really awesome, I can’t imagine the amount of hard work that is required for one to acquire perfection.

8. say hello to Ivanushka from the Tales Of Old Rus.

9. Grindelwald looks amazing, he looks almost as if he’s the original one!

10. Is she human or she is really Alita the Battle Angel?

11. Ladies and Gentleman, Sylvanas from the World of Warcraft.

12. I bet this is what Wednesday looks like all grown up, from The Addams Family.


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