Small Buttons On Jeans Pocket Exist For A Reason


Have you ever wondered why do jeans pocket have small buttons on it? We all have noticed these buttons on the right side of our jeans pocket, and we have no clue what good they do.

So what is the point of having those small buttons on jeans pocket?

small button on jeans pocket


They do look like they are just there for decoration, but the bronze small buttons actually serve an important purpose. I tried to figure out the idea behind this years ago and could have searched it on google, well you lazy bums are not alone in this world. But now, you don’t have to google it, just a little exercise for your finger, scroll the page down and you are seconds away to know the secret behind this tiny thing on your jeans pocket.

We all love to wear jeans, don’t we ? we just slip into these and Voila ! We’re ready

small button on jeans pocketvia

The idea started in 1872. Yes, almost 140 years ago

small buttons on jeans pocket



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