Lesser known Facts Regarding Sherlock Holmes That You’d Love To Know.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional character Sherlock Holmes has been gaining ample amount of love and following from people across the globe. Any avid reader or bibliophile cannot deny the fact that AC Doyle’s series are one of the best they’ve ever read or watched. We cannot afford to miss even a single episode out of 4 seasons of Sherlock Holmes TV series. Suspense and perplexity don’t let you step out of the Sherlock aura. Sherlock as a consulting detective is an absolute gem. He fears nothing! Except for Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson, his friend, flatmate, physician and assistant is the only weak link attached to Sherlock. He has a soft corner for his close friend. This factor brings the required dose of bonding and entertainment. John Watson is our narrator for most of the stories.

Well, there is a lot to write about him. About this character, his sense of duty, his detective skills, his bonding with Dr. Watson, his articulation and what not.

Here we bring you some of lesser known facts about the Sherlock Holmes series.

1. 221B, Baker Street never existed.

Sherlock’s and Watson’s apartment 221B was a fictional address. They were first uncovered in A Study in Scarlet which came out in 1887. Around that period Baker Street had few houses and number did not grow up to 221.

Facts regarding Sherlock Holmes.


2. Sherlock’s elder brother existed for 2 stories.

Sherlock Holmes has an elder brother named Mycroft Holmes. He is way too interpreting and genius than Sherlock. After all, they share the same blood line. However, he is a part of the British government and has appeared only in ‘The Greek Interpreter’ and ‘The Bruce-Partington Plans’.

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3. ‘Sherlock’ was going to be ‘Sherrinford’.

Doyle had a thing for Cricket. He himself played for Marylebone Cricket Club. Baker Street was located in Marylebone district of London. So being a cricket fan, he named his creation as ‘Sherlock’ which was inspired from Cricketers Sherwin and Shallock. Interesting enough! Isn’t it?

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