10 Weird & Strange Paintings You Wont Believe Were Sold for Millions


The most expensive paintings in the world are usually housed in the galleries and museums of Europe and the United States. These paintings are so valuable that art enthusiasts are willing to spend millions when they get auctioned off. More often than not, the value of a painting depends on its age and the artist behind it. Some paintings may look too ordinary for the eyes but cost millions just because they are painted by world-renowned artists like Vincent Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso. You wouldn’t believe that such strange paintings could have been sold for millions.

It was on Tuesday night that the world witnessed the gavelling of the most expensive work of art ever sold: Francis Bacon’s “The Studies of Lucian Freud.” The triptych was purchased for a whopping $142 million, beating out the previous record of nearly $120 million for Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” set in May 2012. Christie’s also broke the record for any piece of art sold at an auction by a living artist. That artist, Jeff Koons, saw his “Balloon Dog (Orange),” sell for $58.4 million. In total Tuesday, world records were set for 10 artists and Christie’s experiences the most expensive auction ever at a total of $691.6 million. Throughout history many people have founded religions and sects based on their own belief systems. Some have become infamous for their shady, behind-the-scene practices, whilst others are notorious for their suicide pact endings.

10 Unbelievably Strange Paintings that are Actually Sold for Millions

1. Green White by Ellsworth Kelly – $1.6 Million (Seriosly Strange Paintings!)

strange paintings

2. Au Lapin Agile

strange paintings

The Au Lapin Agile was painted in 1904 by Pablo Picasso and was sold in 1989 by the daughter of Joan Whitney Payson to Walter H. Annenberg for and adjusted price of $70 million. The auction took place on November 27, 1989 in Sotheby’s, New York

3. Cowboy by Ellsworth Kelly – $1.7 Million

Strange paintings or what? Is that even worth millions?  Well I can’t say because art is only recognised by the beholder’s eyes.

strange paintings


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