Superhero Movies That You Should Never Watch In Your Entire Life


Superhero movies take you to world full of fantasies. It is mostly a treat to watch them, from The Dark Knight(2008) to The Avengers(2012), there are several movies that fall into that genre that has made quite the mark. However, it is not always a great choice as some movies prove so. There have been some really bad superhero movies that came out in the past that almost managed to make us hate our favorite comic book superheroes.

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These movies received awfully negative reception from the audience and critics alike. If you’ve watched these movies once, you won’t ever want to go back to watch again and if you haven’t, then you never should. So let’s get started.

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Superhero Movies That You Should Never Watch In Your Entire Life

1. Batman & Robin (1997)

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This one is considered to be the worst Batman movies of all time. George Clooney may have nailed a lot of things in his life, but he definitely didn’t nail the role of the dark knight.


2. Fantastic Four (2015)

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Fox’s 2015 adaptation of Fantastic Four is definitely the worst of them all. There haven’t been a whole lot of great live action Fantastic Four movies but this one just takes the cake for being extremely bad, maybe even worse.


3. Green Lantern (2011)

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A lot of over the top CGI, a weak plot and Ryan Reynolds’ unsuccessful attempt at portraying the DC superhero definitely makes Green Lantern a movie that you shouldn’t watch. Good for Ryan as he went to be an amazing Deadpool.


4. Suicide Squad (2016)

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DCEU knows how to ruin great things. The expectations from Suicide Squad were high and it definitely didn’t live up to any of them. They might be right when they said that these are the “worst heroes ever.”


5. Ghost Rider (2007)

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Poor production, awfully weak plot and a lame attempt by Nicholas Cage at portraying the anti-hero. This movie should’ve never been made.


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