The Hilarious Things These Dads Did Prove That They’re Acing The Art Of Parenting!


Dads, they are the sweetest beings on Earth. No matter what you do, they’ll always be on your side. But, beware, nobody can escape the hilarious things they do. They’ll purposely do things that embarrass us and lord, save us from the dad jokes! These dads definitely take the dad job extremely seriously and are excelling at parenting!

These hardcore dads who prove that being a dad ain’t easy but they’re gonna do it anyway!

1. The mom never has to worry about her baby going somewhere. Dad has it covered!

2. That is a pretty generous sum of money. He must be so proud of him!
3. Okay, somebody is definitely hinting at something. But, this was really funny.
4. Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. He just had to do it or else that would have been an insult to the “dad humor”.
5. No worries mama, I grew up while you were gone for two hours.
dads6. Somebody really likes to annoy his kids. Well, poor kids!
7. This father who has got it all covered for his daughter’s first driving lesson.

8. That isn’t how extensions work dad. They aren’t really gonna make you look like Gandalf the Grey (or Blonde!).

9. When you got a hockey match coming up, but you also need to take care of your daughter.

10. If all your daughters want to dress up as Elsa, you need to dress up as Elsa as well.

11. Yep, nobody is gonna want to be near within a mile’s radius of her with that shirt on.

12. This, I have no words for.

13. Using dad humor 101, you gotta keep everybody reminding who’s paying for the account.

14. When the wife’s out and you have two daughters, but you gotta play your video game as well.

15. This man is gonna rule the world someday on this T-Rex.

16. That’s a pretty big straw, but okay father, you’ve made your point.

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