You Would Be Shocked To See Your Favorite Hollywood Celeb’s Prom Attire


Prom season never goes wrong in giving us fashion statements to follow. You might look out for some prom dress inspiration online or you are maybe planning to replicate your favorite celeb’s red carpet attire. But what if we tell you that even the most well put-up celebs were once high school and college going nerds who did everything we mere mortals do in schools. We are always under the assumption that stars can do no wrong and they are untouchable where fashion and beauty is concerned. But the reality is, celebs are just like us and rules of getting an education, to an extent, are the same for everyone. From going to prom to learning life lessons the hard way, celebs we draw inspiration from for their strong stature and glamorous outlook were once timid and skittish during their own college days. Of course, they were not famous back then and neither they would have dreamt about gaining so much popularity over the years.
From feathers to embellishments, off shoulder gowns, bell bottoms pants, and puffed up short dresses – Hollywood sweethearts looked amazing on their prom nights during their school years as well.
Of course, celebs who were once college goers have grown and changed beyond recognition now – we can say that adolescence and puberty have blessed them well. Their prom dresses might not be the brightest fashion choices they have made, but it is safe to say that they have graduated to red carpet fashion statements with flying colors now.

Let us take you on a journey of your favorite A-lister’s quintessential prom night moments that will surely leave you bemused for a while.

#1 Angelina Jolie 

#2 George Clooney

#3 Beyoncé

#4 Kim Kardashian

#5 Derek Jeter

#6 Brad Pitt

#7 Bruce Willis

#8 Jessica Alba

#9 Sandra Bullock

#10 Brandy and Kobe Bryant

#11 Will Ferrel

So which prom look did you liked the most? Do share your views with us.

Image Credits: Via Instagram



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