The Most Daring Questions About Women That Men Are Afraid To Ask


Men can spend an eternity trying to understand women and they still would have managed to interpret just a fraction of it. Women are differently wired. Our brains have their own sets of permutations and combinations that men generally can’t understand and we don’t expect them to either.

Over time women have accepted that most men are inarticulate in general and instead of asking, they usually leave the topics out of discussion they are usually clueless about. No wonder most men consider women as some mysterious species and are often afraid to ask them any personal questions, even when they are in a Married relationship.

Well, we have compiled the answers to some of the most daring questions about women that men are afraid to ask. Check them out below.

Women spend so much time doing makeup and still manage to look makeup-less. How?

Most men don’t know that a general pre-makeup skin care routine involves 3 stages, which include cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing – all these steps take time, which is probably the reason why even after an half-n-hour makeup session, women still look makeup-less.

How do women look so different after makeup?


Women enjoy looking different and trying out new looks and makeup helps them achieve that. She knows men dig it too.

Why do women love cuddling?

Women get a sense of safety when they are in their partner’s arm. No matter how old they are, they always want to be the little spoon.

Why do women go to bathrooms in a group?

Loos are impromptu meetings and discussions locations for all Girl gangs. Plus they can also re-touch and re-adjust their look.

Why are women cranky during Periods?

Periods are hard, plus the hormonal imbalance during the menstrual week doesn’t help the matter either.

What do women have in their handbags?

From safety pins to a survival kit to Antarctica and everything in between – there’s no limitations on the stuff a woman carries around in her bag.

Why do women shower for so long?

Women usually have a detailed cleansing routine. From shaving to waxing, shampooing, moisturizing- everything takes its sweet time.

What does ‘I’m Fine’ actually means?

Notice her tone. Sometimes women may mean that she needs you to be with her and sometimes she may mean that you should not push her further.


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