These Actors Didn’t Agree To Film Scenes Together And Here’s Why!


We have so many characters on screen whom we know for their pairing. But do you know that these favorite characters of ours don’t really see each other eye to eye when it comes to acting in film scenes together? Well, no matter how happy they may look or how interesting their chemistry they may have on screen these actors didn’t want to do scenes together.

Your favorite characters refused to film scenes together and you’ll be shocked to see the names!

1. George Clooney and Russel Crowe.

The tension between the two of them started back in 2013. In an interview, Crowe said that he needed to apologize to Clooney. Clooney disclosed in an interview that Crowe called him and Robert de Niro a sell out. Though their differences might have cleared we haven’t seen them together since that.

2. Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn.

Seeing these two in a scene together is rare and almost never. Back in 2002, they used to be a couple, but as fate would have it. They didn’t end on a good note.

3. Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf.

This wasn’t a brawl that had them two never cross each other’s part again. But, during a Broadway play, Shia attacked Baldwin for not having memorized his lines. The production fired LaBeouf for his behavior.

4. Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty.

The real reason behind these two have quite a public fight wasn’t clear. But, it was sure that it got so bad that they had to quit the show after the third season.

5. Bill Murray and Lucy Liu.

We all remember these two being together for Charlie’s Angels, but Murray had once carelessly said that Lucy’s talent wasn’t up to the mark. This feud grew bigger and Murray was replaced by Bernie Mac in the next movie!

6. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte.

Though these would’ve made a great couple, they couldn’t simply stand each other from the very first day of the shoot. It just kept getting more worse, after the movie was over, they declared not to be doing any movie together ever again.
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7. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson.

The fight started with a simple tweet calling his male co-stars not so fun and friendly and these two were never seen in a scene together after that. The scenes that we do see in the movie were shot separately and then fused together.
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8. James Franco and Tyrese Gibson.

Gibson and Franco weren’t really co-stars at all, they became more like enemies during the filming of the movie Annapolis. With allegations like throwing real punches during boxing scenes against Franco. They swear to be never working together again.
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9. Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan got really pissed at Wesley during the shoot of Blade Trinity. Mostly because Wesley usually chilled out on the sets while Ryan had to film with his stunt double. Ryan declared that he never wanted to work with Wesley again.
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