These Family Members Have The Perfect Sense Of Humor!


What is family but weird members who really know how to embarrass you! But, what do we do without them? Non-laughable dad jokes, lame pranks, Christmas presents and sibling fights. We are really incomplete without these, and family is the one who stands with us through everything, no matter how grave the situation is. Well, these family members are definitely not the boring ones, but are blessed with the perfect sense of humor!

Family members who will make your day a little brighter with their perfect sense of humor!

1. This little kid started crying upon seeing Santa, so they joined in on it as well. sense of humor

2. Everybody deserves to feel special, no matter how old you get!
sense of humor3. Ah, Christmas the best time of the year! Well, not for this guy maybe.
sense of humor
4. His grandson accidentally left his favorite toy at his house, so he decided to take the toy on an adventure!
sense of humor
5. This couple couldn’t decide on how to decorate the Christmas tree, so they sought out this unique way!
sense of humor
6. His mother made him a place to sleep on the couch with these sheets. He’s a 27-year-old man.
sense of humor
7. Oh Oh! Poor guy doesn’t know his father has years of experience at call of duty!8. His son was going to school for the first time and his dad decided that this was the perfect time to be dramatic.
9. Well, dad’s really are overprotective, and tend to forget that their daughter is 26 now!
10. He is never letting his son forget this face on the roller coaster.
11. He sent a cut out of himself from his university as a joke, now his mom won’t let him go!
12. On one side of the note, there’s motherly love. But on the other side, his brother’s sense of humor.
13. Parents can get really creative especially when it comes to dressing their kid up.
14. A father needs to teach his son his responsibilities.
15. Haha! This mother has this hanging on the laundry wall. And she knows what’s written on it.
16. He asked his mom to make him a bookmark. This is what she made him.
17. Not gonna let you ruin my tomato garden.
18. Centerpiece duty this year given by mom, well I don’t think she’ll be much happy with this!


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