These Perfectly Timed Photos Will Have You Looking Twice!


Timing is everything when it comes to brilliant photography. If you can pace your clicks with each passing second, you may end up with some unique masterpieces. Now, some of these perfectly timed photos may really be nice to look at and some may confuse the hell out you, some might even have you rolling on the floor with laughter!

Here are some of the most perfectly timed photos that’ll have you wondering how did they manage to do that!

1. No people, this isn’t a Hydra, look again this is all but two girls kind of cuddling together?perfectly timed photos

2. Looks pretty scary right? But this is just a man turned upside down.
perfectly timed photos3. Man, this looks really gross. But this is just a mushroom.
perfectly timed photos
4. This reminds me of that cute little robot in the E-wall movie. But, this is a plane folks.
perfectly timed photos5. All it takes is perfect timing. But honestly, this is really weird!
perfectly timed photos6. This isn’t Aladdin’s homeland. This is Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow!
perfectly timed photos7. Whoa! This is one hell of a click! Looks just like another replica.
8. Now, that isn’t a nice thing to do. But some people just don’t have some manners!
9. Let me just catch it, can I? Please let me.
10. Is she flying on a magic carpet?
11. Uh-Oh, that is gonna be one hell of an accident in just about three seconds.
12. Well, somebody is really gonna have a nice dinner. But, sad thing for the little birdie.
13. Well, talk about getting bored at the ceremony. But, looks like you’re going to be in trouble!
14. Looks like somebody’s having a nice puff of smoke!
15. Nope, I’m not letting you go. Nope, never at all!
16. That’s just really good timing and such a perfect picture!
17. I have jet speed in my legs! Whoosh I go!
18. That isn’t a half man and a half dog. But, that is just a really nice photo!

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