These Photos With Funny Coincidences Will Leave You Rolling On Floor Laughing


‘What are the odds?’ is the catchphrase that comes out of our mouth when we see a funny coincidence. There’s a saying that the best moments in our lives are the unplanned ones and that’s super true. While a perfect moment can be planned, a perfect shot is no different either. Once in a lifetime, there happens a coincidence that easily blows our mind away and is worth capturing for.
Coincidences are funny. Sometimes they even lead to the occult, paranormal or supernatural claims but that’s all rubbish. Coincidence is simply the occurrence of two or more events or situations having no apparent connection between them whatsoever.
Coincidences can be of any type – you meet someone new and found out that you guys share the same birthday, that’s a coincidence. You and your friend ended up wearing the exact same outfit to a party, that’s a coincidence. You and your partner pick up the same new book off the store, that’s a coincidence as well. But more often than not, a situation arises where the remarkable correlation of the situations can be described as comic at its best and those become the ones we can’t resist from documenting. Pulling out your smartphone and capturing a mother of all coincidences at the right time and posting them online for the world to see is a viral trend many follow.

The odds favor the pictures below depicting some of the most fun and hilarious coincidences. Do check them out.

Are the Salvatore Brothers in the house?

Eat shit

If your marriage doesn’t work out, this may come handy

Read between the lines lady

Cover your assets

Zebra fun

Just met Taylor Swift

Work in progress

Oh the irony

Cats have a heart too, just look

Shortcuts will take you to hell

Taking the love for your pet to another level

You fit so nicely mate

Don’t know about the baby but the mother do needs some


Image Credit: Lifebuzz


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