These Inventions Are So Weird That You Won’t Believe They Exist!


Inventions have surely made our lives easier. To imagine a life without lights, fan, TV, AC, mobiles, computers and what not. But, with each passing day and advancement in technologies, these inventions get weirder and weirder!

You will definitely have a hard time believing that these weird inventions exist!

1. This Ben and Jerry’s ice cream outlet has a graveyard for all the flavors that have been discontinued. Now, that’s something really weird yet sweet, Ice creams have feelings too you see!
weird inventions

2. This particular invention is definitely useful when it comes to celebrities trying to hide from the paparazzi. It lights up in the dark and doesn’t really help in taking a good picture.
inventions 3. You can use this pencil to help your plants grow. Don’t ask me how, but this is as true as it can get!
4. Now you can’t make any excuses for not cleaning beneath the couch, this remote control mop will help you to get the job done with ease.
5. That’s really a germaphobe’s invention, but okay, you need not touch the door handle to open it. Only use your legs.

6. Can somebody please tell me how do we know where to stop, because this isn’t providing much help!

7. Don’t feel like going to work today? Well, you can now get sick using these napkins which contain human sneeze virus. Yeah, I can feel you cringe hard, cause same.

8. That’s is so bloody creative of you guys! This is gonna be so much helpful to know which is which.
9. This adhesive footwear will allow you to walk on any surface barefoot. Yep, it works even in the water.

10. That is genius! Now, you can never miss out on a movie if you need to visit the washroom because this theatre has screens installs in the toilets too!

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