These Romantic Illustrations Will Restore Your Faith In Love In An Instant


Crislane Passos is a multifaceted illustrator from Brazil who is painting the Internet pink with his swoon-worthy comics on the loving relationship of his toon characters Max and Julia. Passos illustrations are simply adorable and is filled with fairytale romance and affectionate chivalry that will raise the bars of your love life expectations.

Falling in love brings a myriad of sentiments. From feeling the fluttering of butterflies in the stomach to full blown storm of emotions, there are a number of stages in love that anyone who ever experienced that feeling would easily relate to. The best part of love is probably being in it. Staying in love is not just a choice, it is a way of life for anyone who’s willing to go an extra mile for someone they care about. Falling for someone is easy, but choosing to be with a person in-spite of the difference and ups and down is what makes it worth it. We fight, we cry, we make up – it is all the little things that makes love a bittersweet experience that only the lucky ones get to feel.

Crislane’s illustrations are based around the everyday life events of his cartoon couple Max and Julia, who are madly in love with each other. His illustrations are hopelessly romantic and depict everything that is beautiful about being in love. With over 400k followers on Instagram, Crislane’s comics are widely appreciated and fans even wait for their new editions. Each artwork on Max and Julia’s life garners thousands of comments from web surfers and they are usually depicted in English and Portuguese both.

Not many people believe in happily ever after but for those who do, these comics on the life of Max and Julia will take you down the memory lane of your own love life.


















Image Credits: Crislane Passos



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