These Signs Are A Clear Indication That Your Partner Is Totally In Love With You!


Being in Love is such a beautiful feeling. But, what if you’re the only one who’s head over heels in love? How do you find out whether the other person loves you as much as you love them? Well, don’t worry at all, just look out for these important signs!

If your partner is showing you these signs then they are madly in love with you!

1. They always want to know how your day was.


A person is only interested to know how your day was when they are genuinely concerned about your day to day works. They will listen to you share about your day no matter how boring it may be.

2. They are always excited to see you.


When your presence somebody makes genuinely happy that’s when you know that the person loves you a lot. Your absence makes them long for you and as soon as they see you them seem to light up.

3. They keep annoying you by doing the things you hate.


Okay, we only try to irritate the ones whom we love. It’s really fact! They try to make you mad only to calm you down and make it up to you.

4. They’ll always encourage you to be the better version of yourself.


The people who loves us will always encourage us to do better. They’ll not stop until they’ve boosted your self esteem.

5. They don’t mind sharing their food.


Okay, when it comes to food, it becomes a little difficult to share. But not when it comes to the people we love, in fact we love sharing our food with them.

6. They don’t mind doing the things that you like.


One of the most important things in a relationship is to value the wants of your partner. Sometimes when we are in love, we don’t mind doing things just because our partner likes them.

7. They don’t stretch arguments.


It’s really hard to fight with the people we love. And so, if somebody loves you they’ll value you more than the argument and end it soon even if it means that they have to lose the argument.

8. They give you undivided attention when they’re with you.


If they put their phone down for you and give you their full undivided attention. Then the person is definitely in love with you.

9. They never give you ultimatums or threaten you with breakup.


This is one of the most important signs to look out for. If a person has never threatened you with breaking up or giving you ultimatums for breaking up, then the person is definitely in love with you.

10. They usually agree with what you have to say.

It’s only obvious that we agree with the people we love. Sometimes just because we feel it’s right and sometimes because we want to see them happy.


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