These Scientific Ways Will Tell You How To Slow Down Aging.


All of us want to remain young, don’t we? Hell, some of us are even willing to sell our soul at the Devil’s counter if that’s what it takes. But honestly, just imagine that you could actually slow down aging?  Well, yes, scientists have revealed ways by which you can slow down aging using simple but effective ways!

Do you want to slow down aging too? Well, here’s how you can change the way you age!

1. Lifestyle.

Believe me, our lifestyles have a lot of effect on how we age. Leading a hectic lifestyle can wear out your body cells faster and reduce the faster replenishment of the lost cells. Exercising for at least 30 mins a day and quitting smoking can prolong your lives by 12 years.

2. Following a proper diet.

Next time you decide to make fun of someone who’s on a diet think twice. Scientists have found out in their studies that maintaining a proper diet can slow down the risk of age-related diseases.

3. Proper mental health.

When it comes to aging, mental health plays a very crucial role. Having a sound a peaceful mind can boost your cells to replenish the older ones faster and you can certainly look younger.

4. Blood transfusion.

Might sound a little bit weird, but studies have been conducted and the observations were concluded that transfusing blood plasma from young people can actually prove to reverse the Alzheimer’s and Dementia conditions in patients. In fact, noticeable changes in their skin were also seen.

5. Transgenes.

This method was developed by scientists in the Mayo Clinic, they found that replacing the old cells or the cells that have lost their capacity to divide have they found positive results in the patients with mental health disorders.

6. 3-D Printing of Capillaries.

slow down aging

Did you ever see the movie, The Island? Well, Prellis Biologics have found out something like that. But, don’t be alarmed the practices are nowhere near barbaric, they have simply found a way to grow tissues using living capillaries. In the coming days, they claim to actually print the vital organs that can effortlessly replace the worn out ones.

7. Removing wrinkles from organs.

slow down aging

I’m sure not all of us are really familiar to this. So, your organs get wrinkled too, and that is what start causing complications. But, this apparently has a cure as well, Lamin is a protein they can remove the wrinkled surfaces of these organs and make them smooth. Scientists are now looking for ways to send this protein to the brain using retroviruses that can enhance the effect.

8. Stem cells.

slow down aging

This method is probably one of the widely used methods to cure cancer and diabetes in patients. These cells can transform themselves into new tissues of any origin and may replace the cause of the disease.

9. Gene Mutation.

slow down aging

Feel like X-Men? Well, yes mutated genes can help you heal faster than the non-mutated genes.

10. Aging cell removal.

slow down aging

Everything is possible today, you can literally remove your cells that have grown old or have lost their capacity to divide. Using Senolytics have proven to be very efficient in this method.


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