These Signs Can Help You Catch Your Cheating Wife


“For better or for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish -till death us do part” – taking the sacred vows of marriage with someone you love is one thing but what if your wife doesn’t stands by them in the face of time? What if there is someone else that break you guys apart before death? The faces of a cheating wife are many – if she is sneaking behind your back, she will give you many subtle signs of it. Being a little careful in your relationship can help you confront her with concrete evidence.

Usually, men take the most burnt of infidelity accusations but in recent times more and more cases are being reported where women have been found unfaithful. Women are more attentive in general, so the chances that they can handle a double-life is much higher with them.

Below are some of the subtle signs that you can look out to tell are an adulterous apart – but do trust your gut and intuition as accusing a faithful partner can do more damage to your relationship then you doubting her.

She calls you by some other name in bed

She doesn’t want you to go through her clothes and laundry 

Her social media doesn’t have couple’s pictures anymore 

She has changed her phone security password or changes it every time after telling you

She has friend zoned you and doesn’t treat you like a lover

She’s canceling plans with you often 

She is always curious about where you are and when you will reach back home

She is all of a sudden weight and beauty conscious 

She isn’t open in her conversations with you anymore 

She gives out way too many details than usual about how and where she spent her day

She’s avoiding going to specific restaurants or clubs

She accuses you of every downfall in your relationship 


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