These Wedding Photographers Captured Some Unexpected Things!


Weddings are a major part of someone’s life. Indeed the memories that are made on that day are some of the happiest memories in one’s life. And who better who catch these moments and put it in a frame than the wedding photographers! But, not all weddings have happy memories, weddings can turn from happy to mad if the photographers capture something unexpected!

Wedding photographers captured some unexpected things on camera that are probably gonna ruin the wedding day!

1. One, what is grandma doing there so up close and personal. Two, what’s with the black shades?wedding photographers

2. I know I probably shouldn’t laugh, but these two look like giants among Lilliputians!wedding photographers3. I know kiddo weddings can be tiring and disappointing even at times. But, you gotta fake a smile and look like you’re having fun!
wedding photographers4. This is not what the photographer had in his mind probably. Say goodbye to the wedding dress and staying wet all through the shoot!

5. Okay Buddha, are you enlightened enough. That really looks creepy though.
wedding photographers6. Has anybody told this lady that you’re not supposed to grab bums in the church in front of Jesus and the Father! Oh well, it’s your wedding day after all.
7. Oh My God! Did she faint for real? Or is she resting while the ceremony is on.
7. Weddings may be sweet and fun and happy for the couples, but for single folks like us. Definitely not so much.
8. Say Hi to the Llama! Did you get any gifts for the couple bro?
9. Okay, two theories come up. One, they either decided to get married on Halloween, or there’s a ghost that is haunting the marriage hall. Feel free to find out!
10. Oh boy! Somebody tell this man that he’s about to lose his fiancé. You’re not supposed to do that on your wedding day!

11. Creativity can never cease to amaze. Well, this is so cool though. I mean, one can have a good laugh looking back at this picture!
12. When God himself is trying to give you a sign and the wedding photographer understands it but not you.

13. The one thing that you’re not supposed to do is injure the bride and the groom on their wedding day. But looks like some people didn’t like seeing them smile.

14. What are weddings if there isn’t a drunk weirdo doing drunk stuff.
15. Here we go again!
wedding photographers



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