If A Girl Is Showing These Signs Then She’s Definitely Crazy About You!


We meet so many people in our lifetime, but only a few of them hold a place in our heart. There are only a handful of people with whom we can connect on a personal level. Whether you meet through common friends, or social media if there’s a spark between the two, you start liking that person. But how to conclude whether the other person likes you or not? Especially when it comes to girls. Well, don’t worry, look out for these signs instead!

These signs will clearly tell you whether the girl you like, likes you back or not!

1. Her pupils get wider when she sees you.


When we get really excited or happy our pupils tend to become wider. And the eye connection produces serotonin, the happy hormone.

2. Look at the position of her legs.


This is one of the most important signs to look out for. Look whether she has crossed her legs or is sitting in a relaxed manner when she’s with you. If she’s sitting across you look at the direction of her toe. If they point towards you it means that she likes you.

3. If she wants to sit closer to you.


Only a fool will ignore this sign. Obviously if a girl wants to sit closer to you she likes you!

4. When she arches her back straight showing her breasts.

It is only obvious that we are physically attracted as well to the person we like. This act is usually to make an impression on the partner.

5. Look at her thumb.

Placing a hand across the chin is usually a gesture that guys do. But girls tend to do this by running her fingers through her accessories or belt, it is mostly to attract your attention.

6. Look out whether she’s trying to copy your gestures.

Well, if a girl is trying to imitate you it means that she’s trying to understand you better.

7. If she’s shaking her toes in her shoes.

Girls do this when they’re absolutely comfortable and relaxed which means that they trust you.

8. When she’s constantly fixing her hair or clothes.

Only a nervous person who’s trying to look perfect and make an impression will do this.

9. If she’s touching her lips.

If she’s touching her lips it is a sign that she’s interested.

10. If she’s looking in the mirror too often.

If she’s looking in the mirror too often it means that she’s trying to perfect in front of you all the time.

11. Looks at how she folds her hands.

If she’s folding her hands across her chest it means she’s been protective. But if she is folding it in front of herself it means that she’s into you.

12. If she’s playing with a lock of her hair.

If she’s playing with her hair it means that she’s trying to grab your attention more like flirting with you.


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