12 Picks From The Social Media: People Who Are a Disgrace To Social Media


It comes as a surprise to no one that Social Media is full of stupid people.

Well, here are our top 12 disgrace picks from the social media

1) Please don’t stab me. I am already hurt

Believe or not, there are few people who have the unbelievable power of bringing potential stabbers to tears. There is something in their eyes, or maybe in their arms.

Pic: The message below:

stupid people on social media


2) I am a Barbie girl, I have my Barbie eyes.

Here is a girl who sincerely thinks the world is dumb enough to believe that she actually has eyes of a Doll.

Pic: The Barbie eyed girl

stupid people on social media


3) I just bought a 50 inch TV by mistake.

The joke doesn’t end here. The wonderful gentleman/gentlelady who blamed this innocent mistake on his kid cannot show the receipt. And guess what, the TV is up for sale now. If you don’t smell something fishy, you need to clean your nose.

Pic: The message below

stupid people on social media


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