These Weird Facts About Japan Are Impossible For Us To Believe!


Japan is definitely one of the most developed countries when it comes to work and technologies. Technologies that the world was unheard of is found there. Their culture, lifestyle, work ethics, the academic performance makes them stand out among most of the countries in the world. But don’t be so contended yet, these weird facts about Japan will make you wonder if they are even possibly true!

Here are some weird facts about Japan that are very much true!

1. Naked Festival.

Yes, you read that absolutely right. Hakada Masturi or the naked festival calls upon me and women alike to strip down to loincloths in hope of gaining good luck the forthcoming year.

2. Food spas.

Yes, you and I both are wondering what on Earth this is. But in Japan, you get a coffee spa, green tea spa, and even a ramen noodle spa.

3. Cuddle cafes.

You can visit a cuddle cafe and rent yourself a professional cuddler. And you are allowed to sleep next to him/her with a fee.

4. Ganguro.

Before you wonder what that is let me tell you that it’s weird. Ganguro is a practice of women bleaching their hair white and applying makeup that makes them look really tan.

5. Weird teeth.

Another weird fashion trend in Japan is to have a weird set of teeth installed if you don’t have them naturally to give you a snaggle-toothed smile.

6. Students cleaning after school.

The students are instructed to clean the school after it is over as a part of their daily routine. A time is set aside every day for the students to clean the school after the classes are over for the day.

7. Suicide Forest.

I hope you remember the horror movie The Forest, it was based on this weird suicide forest called Aokigahara forest. Over 70 bodies have been found in the forest every year. The suicide rates have increased in the forest so much that the authorities have stopped taking official counts.

8. Train Delays.

You would be accustomed to train delays wherever you live. But not here in Japan, the fastest train in Japan is delayed only by 30 secs if ever it is running late. If any train found to be late by five minutes then an official delay certificate is issued.

9. Unnamed streets.

The process used for determining postal addresses is really complex here. And most of the streets remain unnamed. People usually denote their addresses by giving the landmark or nearest subway.

10. Village of dolls.

weird facts

Another one of the weird facts aboutNagoro is a village in Japan that has more live sized dolls than actual people living there. Tsumiki Ayona is a local artist who creates these dolls in memory of the people who have moved away or deceased.

11. Made of chocolate?

weird facts

In a Japanese game show, things are replaced with chocolate replicas and the participants need to identify the item that is made of chocolate by biting into various objects.

12. Voice of God.

weird facts

The Japanese people considered the emperor’s voice as the voice of a god and till date worship him. To these people, the emperor was a godly being and worthy of worship.

13. Hair guard/noodle guard.

weird facts

Worrying you’ll spoil your makeup or you’ll mess up your hair while eating ramen? Well, you can use this in Japan you protect your face and eat your ramen peacefully.

14. Girlfriend pillows.

weird facts

Now that’s pretty weird, you can buy these lap look alike pillows to keep your heads on them and sleep.


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