Every Girl Will Find These Relatable Comics Dedicated To Herself!


Girls struggle a lot, they have to face a lot of criticism from the society, pointed at even if they make the slightest mistakes. But, don’t give up all you beauties out there, we can relate to your problems cause every girl on this planet goes through these same irritating problems. So, all you girls out there you’ll find these relatable comics dedicated just to you.

You’ll find yourself in these relatable comics by artists Fluff, that portray the struggles of being a girl!

1. One moment you feel like a Queen, the next you feel even lower than a pauper.

2. Because what’s hers is mine, and I can use them without even asking her permission.
3. This is SO RELATABLE! What is this sorcery? I mean how can it go from absolutely flat to looking like a risen dough in just a few hours.
4. Yeah, so ripped jeans aren’t really for us, it takes a real deal to get it through in the first go!
5. You get sad, you eat, you get fat, you get sad again, you eat again….and it continues.
6. No, we don’t take no for an answer especially when there’s our crush involved.
7. Cause, nobody has the time to find matching Lingerie all the time. We have learned to make do.

8. It is a real pain to deal with someone who is going through a breakup, it is even harder to be going through a breakup.

9. Soon, we realize that it is all about being comfortable. You don’t need to look super hot like the models, be comfortable instead.

10. This definitely happens while shaving. Ouch!
relatable comics11. Orrr when you’re trying to wash your face. Your hair has to look its best.
relatable comics12. A warm water bath is one of the things that make us really happy.
relatable comics
13. Get you a girl who can absolutely rock both looks!
relatable comics
14. Alcohol does boost your confidence more than you can imagine.
relatable comics15. This works ALL THE TIME!
relatable comics

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