Things You Didn’t Know Existed Which Are Sure To Give You Nightmares. 


You probably didn’t know these disturbing things existed in our world which will give your nightmares for sure.

1. Cotard Delusion. 

Existed Nightmares


This rare mental condition has existed since 1700s among few people in which they hold on to the delusion that they’re dead.It still remains a mysterious illness to this date.

2. Rat King. 

Existed Nightmares


This phenomenon is the stuff of nightmares. A Rat King is formed when number of rats become intertwined at the tails and are joined with blood, dirt, and excrement. The animals grow together joined at the tails, which are often broken.

3. Pacu Fish. 

These terrifying fish with human-like teeth will are sure to give you nightmares. What is more horrifying about this fish is that there has been reported cases of them biting the testicles of swimmers. 


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