12 Things About The Women’s Toilet That No One Talks About!


The toilet is a really gross place to go to unless you really need to go. But this is definitely not the ‘women’s opinion’. Women actually like spending their time in the toilet, doing strange things that we can’t do out in the open. The “Chamber of Secrets” (Women’s toilet) secrets are out for you now. Have a look!

Here are 12 things about the women’s toilet that no one talks about!

1. That is the one place women can fart really loud and feel absolutely no shame about it.

things about women's toilet


2. Now, we’re all familiar with annoying yet unavoidable poop plop sound. But don’t worry, even if you don’t cover it up with a cough, you’re not being judged. We know!

things about women's toiletvia

3. We can scream tampons and everybody will think it’s normal. Just one of those girl things you see.

things about women's toiletvia 


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