This Canadian Artist’s Paintings Are So Surreal That You Won’t Believe Your Eyes


Painting is an age-old art form, something that has been there since eternity. With the digitization of everything around us, this art form has also developed and grown into digital painting. Digital painting is an emerging form of art where the traditional tools of painting like brush, canvas, oil paint, acrylic or watercolors, inks, etc., are not required at all and are instead replaced by digital painting software where everything is digitally applied.

Digital painters use their painting techniques directly on a computer or graphics tab to create arts that are more realistic and easily available for sharing and selling purposes. Artists nowadays are digitally equipped to create paintings and artworks through paintings software that is not only easy to use but carry a lot more useful features as well.

Rob Gonsalves, a digital painter from Canada is growing immensely popular these days for his surreal range of artworks. What he creates in his paintings is purely magical and yet hold a connection to reality. His artworks are mostly abstract in nature and carry a strange connection between two variable, imaginary worlds and makes you think about the fact that how everything around us is interconnected. It is not easy to take your eyes off Rob’s unearthly paintings with just one glance – you would be left transfixed for while trying to access what exactly is the painter trying to depict.

Though most of Rob’s painting depicts an illusionary world, they still seem to have an interlink with the world we live in. His artworks are surely thought-provoking in nature and draw you in with their hyper-realistic characterization and dreamlike appearance.

Let us take you on a journey of surreal artworks that will make you praise Rob Gonsalves’s stroke of brilliance. Check out some of our favorite picks below.

Image Credits: Rob Gonsalves



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