This Painter Is Going Viral For Using Thick Strokes To Create Magnificent Bird Paintings


Angela Moulton paints stunning and colorful birds on canvas as birds are her favorite. The uniqueness of her paintings is that all the beautiful paintings are created with just a few broad brushstrokes. Here are a few of them.

1. Birds of a feather flock together

A nice pair of happy birds sitting side by side depicted by thick strokes of green, yellow, white and light brown.

2. The melancholic bird

Few broad strokes of black, white, light brown, light green and gray giving rise to an astounding melancholic expression.

3. The watchful bird


Broad strokes of black, light blue, gray and bright blue giving rise to an expression of a watchful bird.

4. The cute bird

Just few strokes of black and ample amount of blue in all shades giving rise to the cute bird expression.

5. The sad bird

Few strokes of blue and black and the sad bird is sitting on a tree branch.

6. The tired bird

Few strokes of black, green, pink and ample strokes of gray giving rise to the tired bird expression.

7. Bird in a foliage

Ample strokes of green, white, black and red giving the impression of a bird in a foliage.

8. The mother and the child

Ample strokes of red, pink, blue and gray with broad strokes of dark blue has shaped the mother and child painting

9. Drenched birds

Ample strokes of yellow, blue and white has given rise to this drenched birds painting.

10. Angry bird

Broad strokes of black and light blue giving rise to the impression of angry bird.

11. Cute yellow bird

With ample strokes of yellow and shades of green on top, she has given rise to a cute yellow bird.

12. Talking birds


Two yellow breasted cute birds facing each other and seemingly discussing things as depicted by ample strokes of yellow and blue oil paint.

Image Credits:  Pratt Creek Art | Facebook | Instagram


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