This Photographer Kissed Strangers To Capture Their Expressions


People say that actions speak a lot more than words. Imagine when you are with your friends and visited a beautiful place to chill out. Suddenly, a woman asks you for a kiss?. How do you feel?. This is what a photographer has done to the unknown people to capture their precious expressions. Johanna Siring is a New York photographer who loves to travel all the world to capture different kinds of stories, artists, events, fashion editorials, and people which draws her attention.

In her visit to Denmark the Roskilde Festival, she wanted to lock the essence of people with her camera. The expressions of the people show who they are. A single kiss makes a significant impact on the faces, and the clicks are incredible. She says, “By creating new relationships and learning about the thoughts and ideas of strangers, we might be able to build bridges and combat ignorance and judgment.”

Scroll down, do know the real essence of the people which changed with a single kiss.


1. She never expected a kiss from a stranger


11. His full smile tells a lot more words

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Is their any better compliment than getting a kiss from a stranger?. If you like this article share with your friends and let me know what is the best compliment you have received so far?.


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