London To Get World’s First 360-Degree Infinity Pool And People Are Curious


London is a dream destination for many young travellers for its majestic and historic beauty.

Have you ever been on a vacation to London? Well you would be happy to know that, London is getting a great new feature to add to its grandeur which will surely enhance the adventure and beauty of the awesome city.

As per the latest reports, London is going to get world’s first 360-degree infinity pool and people are undoubtedly very excited to explore it. There’s a lot of technicality involved in creating the magnificent pool – for start, the infinity pool would not be made of glass but the manufacturers would be using cast acrylic instead.

It will feature a computer-controlled building management system which will help in stopping the flow of water from falling over the edges.


The main reason behind this beautiful design is to construct a pool with an endless view.

To keep the views perfect, there would be no stairs on the outside of the building or the pool. This particular feature has many people curious about the fact that how they will enter or exit the pool.

Visitors can expect a spiral staircase which rises and rotates through the water and gives access for all the swimmers to easily enter the pool without any problem.

There are several designers involved in planning and execution of this infinity pool and there are also planning for a 5 star hotel to sit underneath the pool and give you a breathtaking experience.

At first glance, people have various questions regarding the infinity pool like how they are going to get in and get out of the pool.

The pool is not made yet, but is still have people wondering about how it will look and what facilities it will have. London residents are definitely in luck here as they would be experiencing this magnificent beauty first hand.
The 159,000-gallon (600,000-liter) pool, to be named as “Infinity London” is planned to set atop a 55 storey building in the middle of London city.
The location of the pool is not finalised yet but the British pool company Compass Pools has revealed that it can be opened to public as soon as 2020.

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