This YouTuber Faked Her Bali Trips Photographs In IKEA


1. IKEA is the new Bali!

A YouTuber Natalia Taylor has uncovered how she figured to fake a whole trip to Bali via social media by sharing photographs she took in her local IKEA store. No one seem to tell the difference.

Natalia Taylor

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2. Many of us can’t imagine anything better than to take off on vacation to Bali.

Lot of us can’t imagine anything better than to get together and take off to Bali for vacaying. However not many have the advantage of really having the options to do so. We are frequently barraged with photographs of social media stars living their best lives on fantastic outings. But, can we truly think all that we see on the web?

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3. Don’t worry, it’s just a photograph!

Natalia Taylor, the youtuber tells us how its a waste of time to get all worked up scrolling through someone’s Instagram. She tricked her followers into believing that she is taking her trip of lifetime to Bali. Although it was just IKEA, she proved the same.

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4. Natalia shared images with her followers

She posted her images to her 314,000 audience. She claimed to be having a great time in Bali as she shared the same with her followers. Natalia went to this IKEA store close to her place along with a photographer named Ally Amodeo. She then posed with the furniture displays, to make it look like she was in a fancy hotel. It is true that all that glitters isn’t gold and all that bali is a local IKEA store downtown.

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The vlogger got all dressed up and took photographs in a bathtub. Then one sitting at a dressing table before a luxurious mirror and with a vivid phone on a divider. She edited the photographs before posting them. Also leaving in a couple of giveaways, such as IKEA price tags, that demonstrated all wasn’t exactly as it appeared.

Her first caption was, “The queen has arrived #Bali.” To this her followers responded:

one person wrote, “She really out here living her best life. Another replied: “Our Bali Princess. Bali won’t know what hit ’em,” added a third.

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