These Wicked Illustrations On Everyday Life Will Leave You In Splits


First comes love, then comes marriage, and after that comes the hilarious stage of laughing at relatable as hell sketches, comics and internet memes.

Marriage is indeed a roller coaster ride. All the ups and downs we face in a relationship while sometimes makes us happy and content, other times leaves us flustered. At the end of the day, it’s the companionship that counts and makes our lives worth it.

Our day to day lives is always filled with kinds of stuff that completely drives us crazy. 

How many times have you plugged in your mobile charger but forgot to turn the switch on? Or waking up in the middle of the night to use the loo but hurt your big foot on the way? Or got comfy on your bed with your favorite movie playing on TV only to realize that you forgot to bring the remote? Or went for a jog but realized that your abs aren’t coming on immediately? Tried a new sauce, only to burn your palate? Or got into a battle with house mites? – there are just so many things that make our lives hard but also give us something to laugh about.

Norway based illustrators Mac Håndlykken and Andreas Håndlykken have taken these everyday situations and portrayed them in their sketches with a wicked twist that will leave you in splits. 

These illustrations are incredibly funny and quite relatable, to say the least. Mac and Andreas surely have a knack for sketching the unspoken ordeals of the day to day life we lead in a long term relationship.

“We’re a married couple from Norway who both love to create comics and amuse each other with elaborate “what if” scenarios. Some of those scenarios make it into comic strips, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy them as well!” – Mac and Andreas

Scroll down to see some of their best works.






Burned So Comfortable 

Not Creepy At All

All FunBattle It Out

Image Credits: Mac and Andreas


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