Toothpaste Isn’t Only Meant For Teeth. Here Are The Alternative And Brilliant Usage You Didn’t Know Before.


Toothpaste is that one thing we use every day. It does a great job in cleaning our teeth and takes away the bad morning breath. But you would be surprised to know that it isn’t only meant for your teeth, there is a whole lot of other useful things it can do. Wanna know what great cleaning capabilities it has apart from cleaning your teeth? Let’s look at the brilliant and unusual usage of it.

Toothpaste is definitely the most amazing thing in the house and the brilliant other usage is enough to prove it. Let’s see how innovative it can be. Keep reading.

1. It cleans diamonds and gold

Yes, it’s a fact that toothpaste can make your jewelry shine. Simply scrub them with paste using a soft toothbrush, and then rinse with water before the paste hardens and shine with a cloth.

Note:  Do not use this technique on pearls as it can scratch the surface of pearls.

usage of toothpaste

2. Remove stain from clothes

It can remove the most difficult stains from clothes. Juice stains on T-shirts, sauce stain on table clothes, it’s capable of cleaning almost all the difficult stains. Just apply the paste directly on the stain, rub vigorously and put it in the washer.

usage of toothpaste

3. Clean your sneakers

Want to clean your favorite sneakers? Apply some paste on the rubber part of sneakers, scrub it, and clean it off with a damp cloth.

usage of toothpaste


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