Touch Your Thumb To Your Pinky Finger. If Your Tendon Rises Up, Here’s What It Means!


But, to explain scientifically, vestigial organs are rudimentary structures which were of some use to our ancestors. But are no longer required for or survival.

tendon raises on touching your pinky finger with thumb


For example, Appendix or also called vermiform appendix is one such vestigial organ which is present in our body as one of the organ but has no use. As per our ancestors, it helped in the digestion of tree barks and roots.

Are Goosebumps an evident proof of evolution too?

tendon raises on touching pinky finger with thumbvia

Well, goosebumps are a physiological phenomenon inherited from our ancestors. But are of no use to us, other than expressing fear or coldness.

tendon raises on touching your pinky finger with thumbvia

Our ancestors had a very hairy (I mean ape-like hairy!) skin which kept them warm. Goosebumps helped the thicker hair coat to expand and act as a layer of insulation. But now, we don’t need have a hairy skin (thanks to evolution!) so goosebumps are not really useful to us. 


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