Touch Your Thumb To Your Pinky Finger. If Your Tendon Rises Up, Here’s What It Means!


Darwin’s theory of evolution states that all the species of organisms arise and develop through natural selection. So basically, the one’s who can adapt and survive move on to the next level of evolution, and those who don’t, well, they die. Evolution is taking place every second as we speak, but we hardly feel the difference. Over 200,000 years evolution has taken a great course, inheriting the best traits required for survival. We all know primates, meaning us, have evolved through a series of tiny changes which led us to our modern form. But guys, how many changes do we know about, and can witness in our day to day lives? Not many. But I’ve got just the thing for you! You don’t need much, your pinky finger and tendon should do the trick. To find out what it is, keep reading folks!

tendon raises on touching your pinky finger with thumb



What are Vestigial Organs?

tendon raises on touching pinky finger with thumbvia

Ever seen a protruding bone in some people, which looks like a tail? Or ever heard about somebody getting an appendix operation? Yes, you’re right, these are the vestigial organs.

tendon raises on touching your pinky finger with thumbvia 


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