True Geniuses Who Deserve to Be Elon Musk’s Advisors


This world needs more and more inventions and things that can make it a better place. We have many things that make our lives easier from phones to automatic cars to what not. But, we need to get one step above what we are now and for that the best person there is Elon Musk. His technologies are really groundbreaking and years ahead of other companies. He is going to give the world free internet through satellites as well if all his plans to correct. We have some other geniuses who are as smart as him and we believe that they should be Elon Musk’s advisors from now on.

Below are some of these geniuses who deserve to be Elon Musk’s advisors:

Saving the useless $999 dollars Apple wanted you to spend.


Using a cloth hangar so save those stupid $999 for the joke of a stand is really smart.

Geniuses King.

A never-ending source of power. Perpetuum really became true after all, didn’t it?

No scratches.


Let these ducks get all the scratches your car might get when doing parallel parking.

Kids these days are going places.


Eating fast food and using organic food as a mobile stand, millennials are not leaving a single innovation.

Eating Cookies with milk.

In case you liked it but always had to use a glass of milk or something.

Reporting from, New York with cameraman…


Selfie Stick media reporting is just a great hack.

Laziness 100.


Such geniuses live within our society. Took out the car from parking and using it for throwing trash, that great.

When your parents tell you to ride a bike.

But, there’s no way you’re in any mood to put any effort.

When you don’t get a seat on the bus.


Hmmm… Elon Musk wants to know your location.

When you aren’t interested in prayers anymore.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

Just don’t need to mix water anymore.

Smart hacks by smart people.

This baby thinks his mom is feeding him.


Get fooled by your dad kiddo, you’re gonna regret asking for mom in the future.


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