Truth About Eminem’s Drug Addiction Finally Revealed.


4.He Didn’t Consider It A Big Problem At First.

Eminem drug addiction


“I don’t know at what point exactly it started to be a problem. I just remember liking it more and more,” explained Eminem in a documentary. The rapper stated how he never felt he had a problem with drugs because he wasn’t out there shooting heroin.

5. He Relapsed Almost Immediately.


Eminem’s first trip to rehab didn’t work out well as he relapsed within weeks. He confessed that he wasn’t ready to go at that time but he did reflected during his stay in there.

6. He Took A Hiatus To Work On Himself.

Eminem drug addictionvia

Mathers stated in an interview that he decided to pull back from the spotlight owing to his drug problem.”I felt like I needed to pull back from the spotlight because it was getting out of control. I mean, you could blame my drug problem on genetics, you could blame it on my career and the way it took off, or you could just blame it on me” claimed the hip hop icon. 


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