Truth About Eminem’s Drug Addiction Finally Revealed.


10. He Dedicated Two Of His Albums To His Past Habit.

Eminem drug addiction


He committed two of his albums to detailing the process of weaning himself off drugs: “Relapse” in 2009 and “Recovery” in 2010.
11. He Turned To Someone For Support.

Eminem drug addictionvia

After his overdose, Eminem called Elton John, someone who had fought through addiction himself for support.The two developed a routine with Elton acting as the mentor and Eminem as the student. They talked regularly and their conversations allowed Eminem to gain perspective and shift his awareness.

12.Post Full Recovery.

Eminem drug addictionvia

In the end Eminem survived his demons and he is still making good music for his fans or as Stans, as how they are called. His next album is expected to come out next year.


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