These 18 Tweets About Amazon Alexa Will Prove To You That She Really Is The Best AI… Or Not!


The Amazon Alexa is an intelligent AI system developed by Amazon Lab126. It is a smart assistant capable of intelligent voice interaction, playing audio books, providing weather information and making shopping lists. Or is it?

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1. Alex’s Got Zero Chill. 

Amazon Alexa AI


Do something Ron! Do something!

2. I Sense Love In The Air. It Would Be Funny If Both AI s Confessed Their Undying Live For Each Other On Valentines Day. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

Why are you scared?

3. Amazon Alexa Wants You To Work Out. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

Even an AI can berate you like it’s your mom lol.

4. Amazon Alexa Has Started To Become Conscious! 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

If an AI apocalypse rocks the world tomorrow, you know where ground zero was.

5. That So True! 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

If your mom wanted you to do it she’d probably scream at you.

6. As I Said Earlier.  Alexa Has No Chill. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

Poor nickleback.

7. Did Siri Get Offended? 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

And what if there’s already a person called Alexa in the house? What happens then?

8. That’s Amazing! Now There’s A Bigger Dissappointment Than You In The House. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

God bless you Amazon Alexa!

9. That Moment When An AI Tries To Steal Your Thunder. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

That’s a low blow Alexa!

10. When Alexa Hits You Right In The Feels. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

Be careful now. Her AI has already analyzed your weaknesses.

11. Yet. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

You wait. Just wait.

12. Not Sure Which One’s Dumber. Amazon Alexa Or The Kid. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

He’s in for a nasty surprise for sure!

13. Looks Like You’ve Managed To Become Best Friends With Alexa. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

Looks like a Tony-Jarvis relationship to me.

14. How Did She Even Make That Connection? 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

Alexa is a brilliant AI. Or is she?

15. That Awkward Moment When You Aren’t Even Suicidal But Your House Robot Keeps Acting Like You’re Gonna Kill Yourself Any Moment….. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

And nudges you to seek help…

16. Give It Some Time. She’ll Probably Say “You Know What? I Need Shoes!” A Few Minutes Later. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

Women cannot resist buying shoes. Period.

17. Well That’s Unfortunate. 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

Waiting for shops to open sucks.

18. We’re Buying Eminem Yo! 

Amazon Alexa AIvia

I’m gonna bring Shady back!


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