Visiting Relatives is Fun? 8 Reasons You Would Think Otherwise!


Do you think visiting relatives is fun??

For example : “Honey, kids are done with their semester, let’s visit your sister in New York for vacations. It will be an eventful experience for them”. Ever heard your wife being so cheerful about vacations? Well, don’t get too excited. You being on vacations means you are being guests to your hosts – a part which doesn’t always seem hunky dory.

Here’s why you should think twice before visiting relatives:

  1. Forget your comfort zone

Whatever the case may be, you can say goodbye to your comfort now. Gone is the luxury to hop in your pajamas before its night time. Unlike your home, where one could cling on to their boxer shorts like grim death (anytime during the day) – here you don’t stand a chance.

Why? Because you need to act sophisticated, that’s why!

Visiting relatives
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  1. Always be Ready to run Their “Errands”

“Oh, we have guests, let’s not make them share the daily work pressures we bear”, said no host ever.

Pull up your socks and tighten that belt (if at all you are left with one) because you can be called anytime to wash their car windshield or pick up groceries, or if worse comes to worst, you might as well babysit their newborn!

What a pleasure would it be to clean all that junk!

Visiting relatives
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