12 Times When Kristen Bell Was The Best Thing On The Internet!


The internet can be a really trying place you see, but sometimes, it does provide us with some of the most awesome human beings ever. Yep, if you too are addicted to the internet you are all too familiar with Kristen Bell. Well, read these tweets and see if you agree with me, that she is the best thing on the internet.

These tweets perfectly describe why Kristen Bell is the best thing on the internet right now!

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1. Well, looks like Kristen is all set to release her auto-biography!

2. There’s nothing like defying the rules!

#tbt to the ultimate triple threat: a private purple punk.

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3. No one can make her change her mind. Not even you Shepard!

Kristen bell is the best thing on the internet

4. And if you are not obsessed with Game Of Thrones then what are you even doing on this Earth!

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5. Okay, I have got to admit, that definitely looks like one hell of a mess!

This is a picture of both the floor of my house and the interior of my brain. #momlife

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 6. Whoa! That is definitely some quick thinking on her part! Good one young lady!

Overheard my daughter tell another kid:”If ur parents ever get blown away in the wind, just pick up the phone & call 891.” #SafetyFirst

06:28 PM – 06 Nov 2017

7. She definitely made us all rethink about our obsession with animals when she broke down crying about sloths!
8. Well, this is definitely something that you don’t get to see everyday!
9. Even celebs are dying for the show secrets!
10. Um, I’m pretty sure they will probably read your tweets one day!
11. Shepard, better know who you are messing with! This woman will rip you to shreds!read also: 12 First Blind Date Tweets Which Are So Hilarious That Will Make You Roll On The Floor Laughing. 
12. You got your wish girl!


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