Top 12 Unknown Facts About Our All Time Favorite Show : The Simpsons. 


The Simpsons has been hailed as America’s favorite show of all times. Who wouldn’t love to laugh on the shenanigans of the Simpsons. Here are the top unknown facts about this show that many people don’t know.

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1. Michael Jackson Had An Uncredited Appearance In The Show. 

Simpsons favourite show


When favorite pop star Michael Jackson starred in The Simpsons he didn’t allow the show to use his name. Hence, they credited him as ‘John Jay Smith’.

2. Smithers Was Supposed To Be Am African American. 

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The character Smithers in this show was originally meant to be an African American. However, show writers thought that a gay being a black man will be difficult for audiences to like.

3. One of the interesting facts is that Homer Has Had Multiple Jobs. 

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Although everyone’s favorite Homer is shown to be working at a nuclear plant he has in fact held more than 187 jobs during this show. That’s quite the hardworking dad!

4. Homer’s Email Address Is Whacky! 

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Email address of Homer is [email protected]. Wonder if our favorite character would get fan emails.

5. Crows. What Do They Signify? 

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Very few who watch The Simpsons may have noticed that whenever a shot of Springfield Power Plant is shown it is accompanied by the sound of crows. This is a hugely unknown fact for most.

6. The Famous Couch Scene Is Just A Time Filler. 

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Another unknown fact is that the couch scene is to make up for the time difference if the episode is short.

7. They’ve Been All Around The World. 

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During the course of this show, The Simpsons have been to every continent on Earth.

8. Milhouse Is An Italian. 

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Also unknown to the audience is that Milhouse is actually an Italian who speaks fluent Italian. What’s more? His middle name is Mussolini!

9. Fox Has Some Serious Tv Rights Issues. 

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Channel Fox reserves full rights of The Simpsons till 2082! Yeah, that’s right. 2082!

10. Krusty Was Supposed To Be Homer’s Secret Identity. 

Simpsons favourite show


Krusty was meant to be Homer’s secret identity but writers thought it would complicate the show too much. This is why they are very similar in looks and mannerisms. 

11. The Last Scene. 

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Al Jean, the show runner wishes to complete The Simpsons last episode by showing their arrival at a Christmas party. Why? Well, that’s how this favorite show started.

12. Original Words. 

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The Simpsons are credited with word inventions like “embiggen” and “cromulent which can be found in a dictionary.


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