10 Things We Called “Purposeless Things” Without Understanding But Still Used


There’s a horde of things that we view around us every day. Yet we don’t know their purpose and thought they were just like that, purposeless things. But really? were they purposeless? One should be curious by nature. Well, I am… So I have decided to expose the secrets of some of them — and I am glad to share what we discovered with you!

Here is the meaning of those things you thought were just purposeless things!

  1. The blue portion of your eraser

If you ask anyone why there’s a blue part on your eraser, they’ll probably say that it removes pen marks. But is it true? No, it isn’t! The blue part of the eraser was originally intended to remove markings from thick paper. Producers found that people didn’t understand its true purpose, and so they happened to promote the use of the blue part of the eraser for removing pen marks. They’re not purposeless things, there’s meaning to everything.

use of purposeless things

  1. The droopy loop on the back of your shirt

What you thought were just purposeless things actually have three believable descriptions for this. The first one is the clearest —  Of course! it’s for hanging up your shirt. The second explanation comes from the age of removable shirt collars and handkerchiefs: it may have been planned to some way assist in attaching a tie. The third idea is the most romantic. A student at an American university is said to have removed the loop from his shirt when he started dating a girl, to show that he was taken. For her part, his girlfriend started to wear a scarf with the emblem of his university on it. Freaky! But true.

use of purposeless things


3.     The small hole in the window of a plane

Window panes in airplanes are made by two pieces of plastic glass (Perspex). The inner glass pane could shatter because of the momentous variance in pressure amongst the plane cabin and the open-air. This tiny hole lets the air move between the cabin and the area between the two panes, therefore leveling pressure between them.

use of purposeless things



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