Amazing 3-Minute Quick Hairstyles Every Girl Should Know!


I know not every day is perfect. There are the worst days with frizzy, wild hair, scary bumps and when all if this gets fixed, we realize there is too much time gone. Being trendy doesn’t come easily to us girls. It is way more complicated than you think. Looking pretty is not easy. But all you’ve got to do is Relax!! You’ve gotta worry no more. I get you. If I say “easy and quick hairstyles,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A ponytail? A top-knot? While these are both cute and classic options, we all do them, so we all know how easy they are.

Here are some of the most AWESOME, beautiful and quick hairstyles that will be done in one blink of an eye.

These are a solution to all your hairstyle problems for the formal gathering, a night-out with friends or just a casual shopping trip. Try these quick hairstyles anytime, anywhere.

You got this babe!


  1. Bobby Pins to the rescue

Pick three more decorative bobby pins for this one. Take two small sections of hair from the front of your face and pull them back. Secure each section with one bobby pin at an upward angle to create the two sides of your triangle. Then simply add the third pin straight across the bottom, connecting your triangle. I know this one seems a little difficult to do because it’s at the back of your head, but your fingers will easily feel the shape of the triangle and be able to close the gaps. Really simple and for anywhere quick hairstyles!

quick hairstyles


  1. Get a rubber band and there goes your bun

Comb your hair away from your face and into a tight ponytail with a fine-tooth comb. Secure the ponytail with the ponytail band. Twist your ponytail tightly and wrap it in a coiled bun shape around the hair band. Twist your ponytail tightly and wrap it in a coiled bun shape around the hair band. This was the simplest of all quick hairstyles!



  1. Part your hair and pin them to get a Formal Hairstyle

This is similar to the French braid, but even easier. All you have to do is twist the front, top section of hair around the next front section of hair. Keep going until just above your ear, and use one or two bobby pins facing the top of your head to secure the twist. The cute one of the quick hairstyles!

quick hairstyles


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