Vintage Photos Of Popular Stars That You Have Never Seen


We always see our favorite stars on the silver screen, and we don’t realize how do they look, especially when they are kids or youngsters. To my surprise, many actors have their expression, character, and charm with them as a kid. As they grow, they maintained the same expression even in our favorite movies and shows. Here are few collage pics of our favorite stars who portrayed infamous series like Game of Thrones and Movies, reveal their childhood looks and few other pics reveal how much they changed to become a star.

Batman Christian Bale has not changed much, retained his Wayne looks and expressions from childhood to adult.


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Maisie Williams, Arya Stark is not that aggressive and fearless in childhood but overloaded with cuteness.


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Sean Bean, Ned Stark looks like a ready to fight the young man.

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OMG! Charles Dance is not Tywin Lannister anymore in Ali G Indahouse.


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Anne Hathaway has got that beautiful smiley face from childhood.


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Jerome Flynn, who Played Bronn in GoT looks like not dangerous.

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Gwendoline Christie has got long and silky hair before portraying warrior Brienne of Tarth in GOT.


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King Joffrey is not as cruel to pets as seen in GOT where he hates Dire Wolves


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Justin Timberlake, with his mom, is looking so cute.

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Young Diana Rigg who played Olenna Tyrell in GoT is looking Gorgeous

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Kristian Nairn who played Hodor derived from “Hold the Door” in GoT looks like a rebel with his spikes and piercings

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Did Mark Addy walk from streets to King’s Landing

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Why so serious Robert De Niro?

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Please comment below if you know any other star as a kid or youngster and also share this article with your friends.


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