The Way You Hang Your Toilet Paper Says A Lot About Your Personality!


Joseph Gayetty came up with the modern and commercial toilet paper in the year 1857. According to Wikipedia more than seven billion rolls of toilet paper are sold yearly in the U.S. alone. Americans use an average of 23.6 rolls per capita per year. It has been further labelled as the greatest necessity of the age! There are numerous types of toilet papers found in the market which included fragrant, moist, embroidered etc. But, ever since it’s invention mankind has faced a serious dilemma. The biggest question regarding the toilet papers is, ”how do we hang it?”. There is no hard and fast rule. Many of you might hang it ‘over the roll’, or some of you might prefer to hang it under the roll.  The debate has been going on for decades now and nobody is quite sure what exactly is the right way to hang toilet papers. However you hang it, says something about your perspective and personality.

toilet paper hang personality

However, a patent for toilet paper by Seth Wheeler in the year 1891 can lead us to the answer and your life long dilemma and query about how to hang the toilet paper right has now reached to a conclusion.


According to scientific research, scientists have come to believe that the way you keep your toilet paper has got a lot to say about you. It basically reveals a lot about your personality.


Take a look at what it has got to say about you! 


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