12 Ways To Let Go Of Someone You’d Never Thought You Could!


You know the feeling when you have to let go of someone you never thought you could? It kills you inside. But no matter what you do you never seem to let that person out of your mind and soul. You try a lot of things but none of that works out. Though it takes longer than you think it would you can.

Here are 12 ways to let go of someone you’d never thought you could!

1. Take time.

You know how they say that time heals everything? It actually does. So give your break up time, don’t haste into anything, just let it be for sometime.

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2. Make sure you’re clear on the reason why you broke up.

Many of the times, we actually tend to forget why did we break up. Sounds weird, but this happens, so keep your head clear on the reason why you broke up.

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3. Be crystal clear about why you should remain together.

At some point in time, you may feel that it was a wrong decision made and you guys were perfect enough to be together. But you should know the reason you both broke up in the first place and why you shouldn’t get back together.

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4. Meet new people.

So, after you’ve given yourself and the breakup phase enough time. It’s time for you to meet new people, nobody’s forcing you to get into a relationship, just make some new friends. It helps.

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5. It’s time to start to point out flaws in your ex.

One of the main reasons you had a breakup was he had flaws. They might be anything, so better start figuring them out so that you know what you’re “not” looking for in your next partner.

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6. Be yourself.

In search of finding someone or getting over someone make sure that you don’t lose yourself. People may come and go, but don’t change who you are for them.

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7. Forgive before you forget.

The only way you can really get over someone is by forgiving what they did to you. Because if your keep on holding a grudge over someone you might never recover or get him out of your mind.

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8. Learn to accept.

Acceptance is really a crucial step while getting over someone. You need to accept the fact that he is no longer a part of your life and you need to let go of that special someone now.

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9. Replace emotions with thoughts.

Whenever your mind comes across the thought that you won’t even be loved again or something discouraging of that sort, simply swap it. Replace that thought with a factual thought. Be it about your new accomplishment or some task undone.

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10. Keep a positive approach.

Even if things seem impossible, thinking it in a positive way makes them work out. Just a positive thought and you wouldn’t regret this approach of yours.

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11. Be kind.

Letting go is much easier when you’re honest and kind. Telling the truth to the person you’re about to leave will not make you regret ever.

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12. True love is the right one so wait.

Until and unless you don’t meet new people or develop pure feelings for the right person, you keep on believing that you lost your true love. As soon as you find your true love, it plays a major role in helping you move on.

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